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A very interesting site with photos of typical homes around the world.

Where We Live: Steve McCurry's photos of homes/life around the world

A week’s worth of groceries around the world   sociology, food, socialization, health, poverty, culture, obesity, hunger

A week’s worth of groceries around the world…

A week’s worth of groceries around the world… Exercise in cultural awareness. So interesting! This actually is interesting, although my week of groceries is NOT like the USA pic shown! So many of us forget how thankful we should be!

New Free Social Studies App for K-2

New Free Social Studies App for K-2

Giant printable maps

(Free) Print free maps large or small; from 1 page to almost 7 feet across; PC or Mac.

Geography twister: make large map on a sheet and have the spinner be color coded and states painted in those colors. Borrow Sandy's projector?

Continent Twister - Geography Learning with a Twist! This project has cooperative learning, problem solving, mapping skills, even a rubric to assess the learning

This conversation Jenga game is another great way of adapting an existing game into something more specific for your classroom. Write a question that students must answer every time they pull a piece. You could even have your students write their own questions as well.

The world on an orange lesson plan - excellent idea for mapping lesson - Hoekzema-is there somewhere in the grade curriculum that encourages orange art? I remember doing something similar to this and it was a huge flop. Perhaps longitude/latitude lines?

Fun and fresh get-to-know-you activities for the beginning of the year, including build-your-own "About Me" dice, an easy to make class “Time Capsule,” a "Truth, Twist, or Total Fake!” writing activity, and more! 7 total activities, perfect for back-to-school! Gr. 3-5 ($). Click the image for details, or see the bundle of BOTH my Get-to-Know-You Activity Packs here: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Back-to-School-Activities-Get-To-Know-You-BUNDLE-2-Packs-1984515

Back to School Activities "Get To Know You" {Pack #2}

Social Studies and Literacy Connection activities.  Monday, September 17th, is Constitution Day,

Making the Social Studies and Literacy Connection

Constitution Week - Corkboard Connections: Social Studies and Literacy Connections - Two great informational texts and two freebies to use on Constitution Day!

14 {Fun} Multicultural Education Activities for Kids to learn about the world

14 {Fun} Multicultural Education Activities