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The simple beauty of a human neuron

Neurons of the human brain. Nature is the best artist...

Neurons in the brain Credit: Dr Jonathan Clarke. Wellcome Images mailto:images@wel... Pyramidal neurons forming a network in the brain. These are nerve cells from the cerebral cortex that have one large apical dendrite and several basal dendrites. Colour-enhanced light microscopy 2003 Published: - Copyrighted work available under Creative Commons by-nc-nd 2.0 UK

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pyramidal neurons in the cerebral cortex

"neurons" says the caption... although I can't locate the source of this image...

neurons, Another image we see that is microscopic in actual size, it's beauty is on such a grander scale, its so easy to forget its size in relation to its beauty... Amazing how Something so small can have beauty on such a grand scale.

Best Microscope Photos of the Year Bring Tiny, Amazing Worlds to Light - Wired Science Hippocampal neuron 5th Place: Kieran Boyle, University of Glasgow, Institute of Neuroscience and Psychology, Scotland Subject: Hippocampal neuron receiving excitatory contacts Technique: Fluorescence and Confocal Magnification: 63x

by Greg Dunn. Dendrite- the bushy, branching extensions of a neuron that receive messages and conduct impulses toward the cell body/ Axon- the extension of a neuron, ending in branching terminal fibers, through which messages pass to other neurons of to muscles or glands.

The retina contains five classes of neurons: photoreceptors (purple), horizontal cells (yellow), bipolar neurons (green), amacrine cells (pink and blue), and ganglion cells (pink and blue). In this cross section of an adult mouse retina, only a subset of bipolar cells, “the ON bipolar cells” are visible by their expression of GFP (green). The pink and blue speckled striations at the bottom of the image mark the fiber layer, which contains the ganglion cell axons that will form the optic nerve