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If you cannot go to a gym for various reasons, you can doing the "30 days squat challenge". The squat is 100 percent free, no equipment, machines are required.

Best Ab and Inner Thigh Exercise: Get thinner thighs and flat abs with this beach body ready exercise using an exercise ball crunch leg lift!


The Top 10 Thigh Exercises to Lose Weight Fast

Slimmer legs help give you a more fit and athletic appearance. But transforming your lower half from flabby to fit takes more than just strength training, since spot reduction to eliminate fat only in your legs is not possible. You also need to include ca

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5 Cellulite Exercises to Burn Fat from Your Thighs and Butt

5 Cellulite Exercises to Burn Fat from Thighs #health #weightloss for more infos check this website :