i fell in love in a library...

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My colour coded bookcase

My colour coded bookcase

the freak inside me loves the color coordination especially contrasted with the white/ivory/nude/natural coloring of the rest of the room :) (I remember when my closet was color coordinated, it was beautiful…sigh…)

Colour-Coded Bookshelves If you’re a design fan then you’ve definitely noticed the trend toward color-coded bookshelves in recent years.

Biến cầu thang thành giá sách

9 Beautiful Bookshelves - Retreat by Random House. Floor to ceiling bookshelves for the win!

Книги, вещи, продукты и многое другое - в примерах хранения под лестницей. Под катом много иллюстраций: Фото:

Under Stairs Home Library Decorating Ideas with Inspirational Staircase Design Interior

Eclectic décor / library area

I don't LOVE the rug. but I think the green curtain, built-in shelves filled with books and the (presumably) sliding ladder are wonderful. Its missing a fire place, lots of cozy blankets and an oriental rug!

Görlitz, Library, Interior Photographic Print at

Görlitz, Library, Interior

Görlitz, Library, Interior Photographic Print the ultimate

Chris Cobb created this installation at Adobe Books where he catalogued 20,000 books by color.

31 Works Of Art We Can All Appreciate

“There Is Nothing Wrong in This Whole Wide World” Chris Cobb created this installation at Adobe Books where he catalogued books by color.

Color coded bookcase. Love this idea, tried it... I could never find the book I wanted.

Dream home library: floor to ceiling shelves, rainbow book layout, gorgeous couch and a pug! I would change the rug, choose a comfier couch and have rainbow gerbras. Keeping the PUG!

Colour coordinated books

Colour coordinated books

bookshelves organized by color. Rainbow colored books with white walls and shelves. Comfy library or living room with over-sized ottoman, chairs and beanbag chair

Exactly how I'd have my bookcase if I had my own place.    by reya. via Flickr

a color coded book shelf, maybe. I'm pretty traditional though and like to organize by topic.