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Smokey the Bear, Illustrations by Richard Scarry, 1955- Fall Leaves from "Smokey the Bear", Little Golden Book, 1955. by Jane Werner Illustrations by Richard Scarry Officially approved by the State Foresters and the Forest Service, US Department of Agriculture Educationfrom Education

Smokey Bear's Tree Leaf Poster

Common North American Tree Leaf identification

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Police department says it captured ghost on surveillance video

1970 Toys for Girls | 1970's Blast from the Past: 10 Products Girls Loved in the 70's ...

Cooler Tips - make your own "Polar Bear Tubes" for keeping your cooler cool without drowning items in melting ice. >>> Whoever made these useful DIY items really must love their cooler!


The 94 Most Badass Soldiers Who Ever Lived

Audie Murphy (June 20, 1924 – May 28, 1971) was a highly decorated and famous soldier. Through LIFE magazine's July 16, 1945 issue ("Most Decorated Soldier"/cover photo), he became one the most famous soldiers of World War II and widely regarded as the most decorated American soldier of the war. After the war he became a celebrated movie star for over two decades, appearing in 44 films. Murphy was killed when the private plane in which he was a passenger crashed.


smokey the bear gets pwned!

Smoky the Bear saying, "Only you can prevent forest fires!"