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    Wanting him is hard to forget, loving him is hard to regret, losing him is hard to accept, even with all the hurt I've felt, letting go is the most painful yet. So true! :(

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    Stars can't shine without darkness. | 9 Printable Breakup Quotes

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    So true! Words and hearts should be handled with care, for words, when spoken and hearts when broken, are the hardest things to repair.

    The best feelings in the world: Hot showers. The first bite of a meal when you are really hungry. Tight hugs. Crawling into bed after a long day. Forehead kisses. Waking up in the morning and actually feeling like you had enough sleep.

    One day, this pain will make sense to you. | 9 Printable Breakup Quotes

    Broken Heart Quotes and Sayings - breakup Quotes to ease the pain


    You are my happy - my husband, my sons, my family, and my job...My life is filled with wonderful happenings - a new job with terrific colleagues, living in an awesome town, spending lots of quality time with my family, and watching my boys grow and enjoy life. I couldn't ask for anything more! So very happy!!! :)

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    I would find you sooner...... As much as I love quotes like this...I happened to find the love of my life at age couldn't have happened a moment sooner!

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    Know your real friends! Notice the people who are happy for your happiness and sad for your sadness. They're the ones who deserve special places in your heart. my husband so much!!!

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    So true! I pray I teach this to my children...Never watched One Tree Hill, but I agree with this quote. If you can't be happy with what you have, you'll never be happy with those things you think will make you happy.