Holy hell, someone counted all the things. Though, why no death tallies? #Supernatural

Best Thing Ever of the Day: Supernatural By Numbers

"The Road So Far" Supernatural Statistics [This is pretty much my new favorite thing.] <------ Someone has way too much time on their hands<--- don't we all? I mean, we do have 8 seasons after all.(Sorry Sherlock fandom {apologizing to myself})

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I'm just imagining Sam sneaking up on them on a date and taking picture and doing this and I can't stop laughing

consulting cannibal trueform! castiel | My art dean winchester castiel captain jack harkness spnfanart one ...

If captain jack met dean (lost the credit, if anyone knows, post comment it for me?

I got Destiel!: "An unlikely pair, but sweet. You probably started out with a bit of tension, but you worked through it eventually. You would do pretty much anything for each other and you like to look at each other a lot." Which "Supernatural" Fanon Ship Are You And Your S.O.?

Which "Supernatural" Fanon Ship Are You And Your S.O.?

Which "Supernatural" Fanon Ship Are You And Your S.O // yeet I got destiel xD

Cas is the best bad cop

I don't really know why Cas is talking to a cat about murder but the second picture is SO CUTE.

Deeeeeeeeeean. Why would you do that?? Destiel is amazing<<<<I don't even ship Destiel but this is adorable

I don't ship Destiel, but this was funny. Ara: I think I'm starting to ship Destiel. Hahahaha so cute and funny.<< I definitely ship Destiel.

I've already pinned this, but i don't care

And then they carry on (my wayward sons) like nothing happened and the entire Fandom explodes.