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  • Brandy Kilfoyle

    Diamond Candles every candle has a diamond ring =)

  • Kelly ~

    Diamond Candles — Soy candles with a ring inside worth $10-$5,000. These would be fun bridesmaid or mothers gifts

  • Kristin St Pierre

    There is a ring worth $10-$5000 inside every candle - great gift idea

  • Amanda Hope

    Cologne Scented Candles | Dusk | Diamond Candles™

  • Audra Austin-Simpson

    I love the color I wish there was a way to sample the scent. #LOVEisintheair #DesireTrueLove #DiamondCandles

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A fresh green apple. We took a blender, several apples, a ring, and a candle wick and voila! Apple Slice Diamond Candle. Well not quite exactly but that's what it smells like. - $24.95

Splash into summer with Watermelon Wedge. Now you can bring this scent into your home whenever you like without having to worry about spitting out the seeds! Hints of peaches, bananas, and ripe melons complement the perfect watermelon aroma. To remember every perfect summer moment, every backyard barbeque, every picnic, and every smile from summers filled with fresh watermelon and fun outdoors - make this your next candle.

Vanilla Cream is a soft and luscious scent that is the perfect backdrop for any room of the house. Vanilla Cream Tip #1: Burn Vanilla Cream at the same time as some of our other popular scents like Apple Slice, Strawberry Bliss, and Cupcake to get Vanilla Apple, Vanilla Strawberry, and Vanilla Cupcake. What scents can you burn at the same time to create your own unique fragrance? - $24.95

How awesome, a candle with a (potentially) real diamond ring inside! You have to burn it down so much to get the ring out. What a fun gift idea, even if you don't end up with a real ring and only costume jewelery! $24.95

Use fresh berries (these are rose hips) to decorate the length of an apothecary jar then float a candle. #centerpiece #fall

great for a fall wedding. ~I do plan on having a fall wedding when the subject finally comes up, this is soo adorbs for it!

This soy candle called "Midnight Kiss" from Diamond Candles smells soo good, and it has a ring in it when you burn it down far enough. I have this one on my nightstand...Love it! $24.95

Yankee Candle Over The River. Literally my favorite scent EVER. Smells like really amazing men's cologne.

Would you LOVE a Gingerbead Latte Soy Candle? Here it is! It smells just like a sweet-scented coffee shop! Click to shop! $24.95 PLUS a hidden RING prize inside!

My Diamond Candles and their rings...

Open up the smell of a fresh coconut from the Hawaiian Islands! This scent will feed your cravings for a pina colada. Pull out a straw, because you’ll have the urge to sip away the pure awesomeness. $24.95