Little by little by: the collingsworth family <3

finding a new song and forever listening to it on repeat (Steal my girl by One Direction)

When I do this everyone just stares at me like I am a phycopath.

"Smiling like an idiot when you think of him" -currently happening as i write this thinking of him =)

Just girly things :)

While listening to music. I LOVE doing that on rides. I could do it for a four hour ride or four minute ride. I love listening to music and looking outside the window on car rides.

Инфографика: Упражнения на развитие писательского воображения

Инфографика: Упражнения на развитие писательского воображения

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My crush is Luke Brooks, Daniel Sahyouni, Harry Styles, Ashton Irwin, abd Eli :D


Shades of orange + peach ombre nails, Essie nailpolish: A Crewed Interest, Tart Deco, Boat House

Great perspective, if you ask me!

7 Steps to Raising a Teen Who Won't Date Too Young

so true 5 out 8 of my bridesmaids were/are my high school friends!