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GOTTA remember this!!! Easy way to get rid of mold in shower caulk - Someone else said: "I just tried it and OH MY GOSH does it work! I left it two hours and the mold was completely GONE!"

Easy way to get rid of mold in shower caulk get rid of shower mold with just two simple items: bleach and cotton beauty coils, used for perms. cut a piece of the cotton coil, soak it in bleach, and let it sit overnight on the mold.

Easy way to remove stains, even old ones.  Instructions  1 Combine equal parts ammonia and water, or use Windex. If you use Windex, use clear or yellow solution. The blue solution should not stain the carpet, but watch it carefully. 2 Heat up an iron to the highest cotton setting. 3 Soak the stain with the solution of your choice. If the stain is large, work in small sections. 4 Place a white towel on the section you're cleaning. Do not use a colored towel, or the color may transfer to the…

how to get Kool-Aid and other colorful stains out of carpet. I'll be glad I pinned this later.soak stain with clear Windex or equal parts ammonia & water. Put a white towel on it and iron using highest cotton setting.

Found mold? Here you'll find out how to get rid of mold the no fuss way plus over 100 comments offering a variety of alternatives for you to choose from.

how to get rid of mold for $2 or less, no scrubbing required

Here’s how to get rid of mold for 2 dollars or less with no scrubbing required. one pinner says: "the easiest and least expensive way i've ever seen to get rid of mold"

Mason jar air freshener - fill a small mason jar about 1/4 full with baking soda, and add 6-8 drops of your favorite essential oil. Punch holes in the lid, and place in any spot that could use some freshening. Every once in a while, give the jar a gentle shake to boost it's air freshening power. Could even paint the jar & lid!

Mason jar air freshener: Fill small mason jar about full w/baking soda, add drops of favorite essential oil, punch holes in lid. Occasionally, give the jar a gentle shake to boost air freshening power.

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Homemade Cleaners Recipes Will Save You $$$ Lots Pinnable Charts

Holy Moly, best carpet cleaner EVER. Just used it on a year-old stain of unknown origins, now the stain is completely gone.Holy Moly, best carpet cleaner EVER.

Dog pee stain and smell remover

Dog Urine Smell and Stain Remover Baking Soda White Vinegar Liquid Dishwashing Detergent Hydrogen Peroxide. Good for kid and pet stains. Dog Urine Smell and Stain Remover Baking Soda…

How to clean microfiber furniture with one ingredient. -- 55 MUST READ Cleaning Tips & Tricks

55 Must-Read Cleaning Tips and Tricks (With Pictures)

space saver- use tension rod to hang bottles

Use a tension rod to get bottles off the cabinet floor, making room for other things. Like the idea for toilet paper on a clear container under the sink.

Spilled nail polish? Clean it up with sugar! I saw this pin a while ago and never pinned it, but I remembered it after my two year old dropped a bottle of blue nail polish on the tile. It really works. The nail polish just clumps up (but is kind of sticky still). I had to use a little acetone to clean up the grout, but that was it!

Nail Polish off of floor. A sales lady dropped nail polish on the floor. They immediately began pouring sugar on it. Did you know sugar makes nail polish clump up and you can sweep it right off the floor? No scrubbing at all!

Do-It-Yourself Car Detailing - All the tips and tricks to that new car smell. One day I will be glad I pinned this!

DIY Car Detailing - All the tips and tricks to that new car smell. One day I will be glad I pinned this!-my car needs a good cleaning