tree in a bottle


the world inside a light bulb 2


Tree in a Bottle

ASSIGNMENT:You must pin these 4 things to make a growing potion: 1. Fairy dust 2. Dragon fire 3. Lions claw 4. 4 leaf clover Due in 1 week!!!!

A cheep gift to make your outdoor princess smile! find a glass bottle and fill it with the fluff off of dandelions. A jar of wishes is a heart felt gift if it looks nice

Ornate lock & key, vintage lock, traditional lock, door lock,

Queen Fairy of Spring Captured Woodland by littlefolkoffaery, $58.00

I found a large amount of chains (jewelery) yesterday for $1.50. Going to use them on some bottles after seeing this one:


21 Awesome and Surreal Paintings and Editorial Art works by Tim OBrien gefunden auf gepinned von der Werbeagentur BlickeDeeler aus Hamburg mehr Infos unter

Artist Jean Claude Papeix

Nature in a bottle

Create some fairy magic with DIY Magic Bottles. Brought to you by BlogHer and Disney's "The Pirate Fairy", an All-New Tinker Bell Movie on Blu-Ray and Digital HD April 1.

Whispers on the Wind

Fairytales Come To...

Imagine: There is another magical world on the other side, but only one person can come out.

Great idea.

Absinthe: la Fee Verte... aka the Green Fairy. The artist created an interesting piece dedicated to the absinthe fairy. The ethereal quality is achieved as the fairy presents a sugar cube by which you must pour the liquid over.

Come into my world.