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Pristine by Jenni77

Hotshot Calla Lily

Purple Winter Wedding Flowers


Calla Lillies are one of my favorite flowers.  Calla Lillies are the type of flowers that look stunning in a variation of different colors. They are also great at adding a touch of elegance to a floral arrangement or a bouquet. Floral Design: Designs by Jan

These remind me of my beautiful wedding flowers, seems like it was just yesterday.

Bicolor calla lillies

Red fire cala lilies! I had no idea Cala Lilies came in such a broad spectrum of colors! White, yellow, orange, purple, black, purple centered calas...such a timeless flower, I think..

Gorgeous color

dark purple calla lillies

purple calla lillies

Violet Calla Lilies


Calla Lilly

Black Pearl Calla Lily

Purple Real Touch Calla Lily Bouquet by How Divine

Green pink cala lily

Calla Lillies