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PSSA treats for my students?

PSSA treat

Student PSSA good luck cards

I want to read this to my students right before the PSSA to lighten the mood.

An Educator's Life: Reach for New Heights PSSA Motivation

Inspired by two other Pins. Worked well for the first day of Reading PSSA.

Lots of great cute testing treat ideas! Lindsay-this one is for you for our kiddos at school next year!

Goodnight Moon #Cake #BookBites #BooksToBed

Tired of your students running up and telling you every little thing? Trouble with tattling? Do you have students that need a Band-Aid for a teeny-tiny speck? Teach your students the 5 B’s! The 5 B's is a classroom management tool meant to reduce off task "teacher telling" and tattling. The 5 B’s help your students know when it’s appropriate to go to the teacher and what things a teacher needs to know about.$

If you want to get your students pumped up for the PSSA's sing them this song! This is hilarious!!!!! It would be so much fun to make a video like this for a school district someday. The school staff is hilarious especially when they mess up lol

Cute and easy end of the year gifts for your students!I decided to make my students bookmarks to go inside a Flat Stanley book I bought each of...

Add or Subtract? Cut and Pastes where students choose an operation (plus or minus symbol) to make each problem correct

Yummy #bookbites

AEIOU - They are the vowels and the glue that stick the words together. This is a great visual! Your students will enjoy this free printable as muc...

Instead if cake rice krispy treats Paint brushes for a childs art themed birthday party. First make rice crispy treats with rice krispies and marshmallows, when cool insert popsicle stick. To make paint, melt white chocolate and add food coloring!! Dip in rice krispie paint brush an there you go!! #BOOKBITES KEEPING TREATS COLORFUL

This is a bundle pack of six multiplication color by number pages for students to practice their facts with. They are themed for the Christmas holi...

Good idea! Have the students sign out when they leave the classroom for library, office, etc.

Ordinal Numbers & Skip Counting Freebie - could substitute my own students' names on something like this. Cute. It's hard to find things for teaching ordinals.

Think I will be needing this next year...

(Primary) Student Data Notebooks...

Free web-based program to send updates to parents and students via text message. They subscribe online and you don't ever have to know their phone numbers and they never have to know yours. Great way to keep kids updated.