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Timeline Photos - The Free Thought

Cartoon of the Day: Terrorism in #Gaza, Terrorism in West Bank. #WasBurnedAlive #Israel

10 Top Secret Military Bases the Government Doesn’t Want You to Know About

Una mujer inteligente es una mujer hermosa: -No necesito el Feminismo porque mi novio, hermano + papá todos respetan a las mujeres y NO deberían ser generalizados o vistos como violadores potenciales sólo porque son HOMBRES. Soy una chica independiente + inteligente + tengo libre albedrío para tomar mis propias decisiones. El patriarcado NO controla o influencia mis decisiones + NO necesito CULPARLE por mis errores o problemas! NO SOY UNA VÍCTIMA, NO ESTOY OPRIMIDA!!

#US taxpayers pay unknowingly $3-4 billion to support #Israel apartheid each year while the US government obstructs justice by using its veto power at the United Nations Security Council against the application of international laws. No just human can accept such actions, especially coming from the same government that supported apartheid in #SouthAfrica in the 1950s to the 1980s.

The world is fucked up bad


Timeline Photos - Goldman Sachs Are Financial Terrorists

Wake up!

Wake up call - Mobile Uploads

Is it just me or does he evolve over the course of this picture into Liam Neeson?

Mint Press News / "1 million Iraqis dead" means nothing to some people because they've been desensitized to think that Iraqis are subhuman. All lives have equal value - don't let war propaganda convince you otherwise.

One In Eight Americans Burdened By Student Loan Debt, Including 700,000 Seniors

(1) Dylan Ratigan - Mobile Uploads

The Richie Allen show on Sandra Fecht – ‘Children Are Being Abused In Satanic Rituals. David Icke Was Right’

How you frame the story is how you change the story - would love to have students create something similar regarding any news story, local or global

HispanTV - Timeline Photos