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Should you fear saturated fat?. My answer: No, but as with anything you can't over-do it. Saturated fat is not a health food and it does have calories.

More data showing that obese people on a Mediterranean diet, with olive oil and nuts, lost weight despite higher fat intake. Low Fat Is Not The Way!

Tofu is not fake meat; it's a food in its own right. The bland taste makes it ideal for spicy flavorful dishes. It's also high protein, modest calorie, low fat and high fiber. Check out some ideas from other RDs on ways to use tofu.

After New Years, I set out to boost protein intake. Not that simple, while still controlling calories. What are my best protein-bang-for-the-calorie-buck food picks?

How to Follow An Anti-inflammatory Diet: Eating anti-inflammatory foods, while still adhering to a well-balanced diet is possible.

The majority of health care professionals agree the best approach to a healthy diet is having a balanced, varied diet—even during the holidays. ‪#‎sponsored

Day 14 tip is from dietitian @heathermangieri who says never sacrifice health for a busy lifestyle #health #nutrition #crazylife