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Feathered Fear <3

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Little Angel

pink gold lips<3

Chaos Makeup Artist, AKA Megan Martinez, is so awesome!! <3 Her!!

Patronizing Print <3

angel wings & rooftops

Left Behind Cotton candy pink angel wings laid upon the old rickety chair In her haste to be become lighter she discarded much more than these Her body and soul felt so heavy, such a burden to even care Seeking to not be who she once was, left behind is her heart that no one sees. -Starra, Le Minx #gDiapers #moodboard

pinky purple lips <3

Diamonds <3 -now that's a mouth full


images of lip art | series of lip photographs by Greek artist Nikos Vasilakis made in ...

by Malia León



eye (Source: pecadoverdedoce via campanellino66 ) Read More : http://bronzelife.info/beautiful-faces-19/

Neon makeup!

Blue lips


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