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Literally "Walking through Math Problems": Great for any student who struggles with explaining their thinking. Students who struggle with processing multi-step problems can improve their accuracy by employing several strategies that involve “walking” and “talking” problems through. Great resource for teaching students with special needs. Read more at:

I know I've pinned this site before, but I love her math notebook! I'm using this place value chart next week in my class.

Holy cow! This is such a neat trick for subtraction with regrouping that would save a TON of mistakes regrouping across zeros! by lea

Beaded number rods for subtraction! Great visual for students with special needs. Adding concrete materials when performing simple operations, helps build number sense to ensure students are relating quantities to symbols (numbers). For this and more great ways to use beads and pipe cleaners in your math lesson, go to:

Angles, Triangles, and the Start of Geometry in 6th Grade Math! (