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The Future is Ours by Michael Marantz. Created to inspire by Michael Marantz // thanks for sharing McNamara!

This Hilarious Short Animated Film Shows Exactly What Happens In Your Mind When You Meet Your Crush

This Hilarious Animated Short Film Explains Exactly What Happens In Your Mind When You Meet Your Crush- This is so accurate it is not even funny!

De la réalisation minimaliste... Le détail qui tue ! Tout ce que j'aime

Famous Hairs

Unmistakable Hairstyles in Pop Culture - Patrícia Póvoa on Behance

I want to go to Rio for Carnival!!!  'The Sound Of Samba': Rio's Carnival In Tilt-Shift Miniature

Rio's Carnival In Miniature

Fantastic Tilt-shift video of Carnival in Rio de Janeiro. Of all the kitch techniques out there, Tilt-shift is one I can FULLY get behind! The City of Samba Made by Jarbas Agnelli and Keith Loutit Captured during Carnaval of 2011

Is This the Best Startup Launch Video Ever? If I lived in the States I'd join just because I like this guy.

Is This the Best Startup Launch Video Ever?

Fun commercial for Dollar Shave Club. It's time to shave time and shave money.

This is so sweet!! David Beckham suprises fans in a photo booth in London. It's amazing how just a simple thing can mean so much to people! Props to Beckham for taking the time to do this!

David Beckham photo-bombs stunned fans at London mall booth


push button to add drama . to launch the TV channel TNT in Belgium a big red button was placed in an average Flemish square of an average Flemish town . a sign reading, “Push to add drama” invited people to use the button .

Coca-Cola Commercial: "Reasons To Believe" 2011 (HD) English Version (Whatever / Oasis)

Coca Cola Commercial: "Reasons To Believe" 2011 (Fullscreen HD) English Version (Whatever / Oasis). Copyright (C) 2011 The Coca-Cola Company S.

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Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a MEMORY. The True Value of a Moment


iRobot, Do You? - Marquese ‘Nonstop’ Scott dancing in the new Roomba commercial to promote the iRobot vacuum cleaner.

A new Barbie ad shows girls imagining their futures and it's perfect http://amapnow.com http://my.gear.host.com http://needava.com http://renekamstra.com

A new Barbie ad shows girls imagining their futures, and it's perfect

Precocious Girls Prank Unsuspecting Adults in Cute Barbie Campaign - Video - Creativity Online