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More spring beauty from Sheran Clark's garden.

This is a dwarf Flowering Plum. It's so beautiful with it blossoms and leaves appearing together. From Sheran Clark's garden.

This is the first Camellia of the year for John Salmon of Antioch. "The color is so vivid and so beautiful as it was taken in the morning sunlight -- hopefully, many more will arrive this spring.

Blooms from a tulip tree, by Sheran Clark.

Poppies on Brushy Peak, by Sheran Clark.

Cactus flower by Sheran Clark

Nancy Krakauer photographed the inner beauty of one the tulips that spring up every March in her backyard in Pleasanton. "I planted the bulbs about 10 years ago and they keep returning, like an old friend, year after year, providing a colorful welcome to the new season," she says.

Spring, glorious spring. Heather Fong, Berkeley

The delicate beauty of spring. Photo by Heather Fong, Berkeley

From Heather Fong's garden, Berkeley.

From the spring garden of Heather Fong, Berkeley.

Spring flowers from the garden of Antonio Castro.

Randall Fox of San Martin took this picture last spring at Nola's Iris Garden in the foothills of San Jose.

Could it be? Could it really be the Easter bunny? Photo from Bill and Reta of Clyde

Lily, by Bill and Reta of Clyde

Cherry blossoms in the rain. Photo by Laurie Iwami

Fresh flowers of spring, by Lisanne Huber .

A pink peony bush welcomes spring in sunny Sunnyvale. Photo by Carolyn Gutierrez

Lovely spring entrance to Sandee and Len McKnight's Palo Alto home.

Springtime snow in Martinez? No, just flowering pear trees. By Joe & Betty Watson

Aristolochia, also known as birthworts, pipevines and Dutchman's pipes, make an appearance. Photo by Elaine Park

Winter roses become spring bloomers. Bernard Mander of Richmond.

Lovely lavendar. Photo by Bernard Mander of Richmond.

Bernard Mander writes: My garden is in Marina Bay Richmond. We are on the water, and high tide is only 50 yards from the flowers. Our roses were pruned and all the leaves removed in mid January, and are now growing like mad. They are full of new leaves and buds and a few flowers. Also the apple trees are in blossom, the bulbs are up, white alyssum is everywhere and the pansies are looking very happy. The garden in front of the house is full of camellias, and roses up to the eves.

Two sure ways to know spring has arrived? Tulips and English daisies. This picture was taken in the front yard of Jayanthi Srinivasan of Cupertino.