Bacon Ranch Pea Salad

This has been my duty to bring to the family feast for the last 20 years since I introduced hubby's family to it. The 7 layer salad -- lettuce layer 1, green onion layer 2, celery layer 3, green peas layer 4, sour cream & mayo dressing layer 5, shredded cheese layer 6 and bacon crumbles layer 7.

Pea Salad | The Pioneer Woman Cooks | Ree Drummond

Crunchy Pea Salad

Vinegar cucumber salad - easy to make, low in calories, and delicious!!!

1 10 oz. pkg. frozen baby peas, thawed 1 c. dice celery 1 c. chopped cauliflower ¼ c. diced green onion 1 c. chopped cashews ½ c. sour cream 1 c. Hidden Valley Ranch salad dressing Crisp-cooked, crumbled bacon-optional

BIKINI FIT LUNCH: Black-eyed Pea Salad 2 cans black-eyed peas, 1 diced tomato, 1/2 diced red onion, 1 small or 1/2 large red, yellow, or orange bell pepper, 1 jalapeno,4 green onions, 1/3 cup cilantro, 1/4 cup rice wine vinegar (unseasoned), 2 Tbsp. canola oil, 1/2 tsp. organic cane sugar, salt and freshly ground black pepper. Bean dishes are a good substitute for meat dishes when trying to get fit!

Cowboy Cornbread Trifle - A Savory BACON Side Dish! Such a Winner... A BEAUTIFUL PRESENTATION of layers of Ranch Seasoned Mayonnaise on top of Smoked Cheddar Cheese on top of a Cowboy Salsa of beans, tomatoes, onions and more... PLUS BACON BACON BACON! This one got Ooohs and Aaahs and was GOBBLED UP!

Roasted Ranch Potatoes with Bacon and Cheese

Old School Pea Salad

Crab Salad

Broccoli salad. Yum!

Pea Salad

Mom's Best Macaroni Salad

Simple Macaroni Salad

Fruit Salad with Honey Lime Dressing

Creamy Pea Salad - This salad is a nice change from the typical potato or pasta salads. It requires very little cooking and a little bit of chopping - it could easily be a no cook recipe if you buy precooked bacon! It doesn't get much easier than that!

Pea Salad

Bacon, Apple Raspberry Vinaigrette Salad

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