I am terrible with the crazy limb chops! I need to print this and tape it to my camera.

Ready to start working on your photography skills? Practicing with the manual exposure mode is the best way to get to know your camera better. The cheat sheet below covers a basic workflow when taking pictures using manual exposure. Save it, print it, put it in your camera bag, share it with your friends!


Exposure 101 - Shooting in Manual Mode! Perfect digital photography cheat sheet to keep in the camera bag! #photography #phototips #photographers

Cheats sheet

#Photography Cheat Sheet

Posing Ideas for large groups or family for when your noodle reeds a lil jumpstart. 7b3f7467jw1dusymhy5aij.jpg (4401465)

Landscape Photography checklist: step by step recipe for how to get great shots. #photography #phototips

More cheat sheets! #photography

Five Tips for Shooting in the Golden Hours.

Photography tips

Photo Cheat Sheet.

How to hold a camera: getting started with your new DSLR

Camera basics

Photography tips

Photoshop basics

Amazing tips!- How to improve the sharpness of your photography. Photos can get better sharpness by applying these photography tips for DSLR camera users.

Another pinner says : "I always direct anyone asking me about my camera (and how to use it) to this site. Its all explained so simply, and taught me how to start using my DSLR.

Photography tips for beginners

Photoshop basics

Beginner photography tips. Lesson #1 The Camera This is post is a quick over view of the parts dials, buttons and modes of the camera.