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Do you really know the right time to worry? Is it now or 10 hours from now? Will your worrying change the outcome? Did it help the person you were worried about? Or did you just cause your soul a lot of hard work? Stay positive, work for good, and place the problem in your God's hands...and remember not to try to take it back (hard to do, but oh, so worth letting God work his plan for you!).

There was a time I didn't think this way, but it is so true.things always have a way of working out.

My new mantra for when I'm feeling like there's STUFF I need. In truth, most of us have more than we'll ever need. Accumulating shit just doesn't have the same attraction it used to. Now, I try to trim, lose, discard, repurpose, give away, donate, or otherwise get it out of MY house!