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The Teen Bucket List (TheTeen_BucketList) sur We Heart It / signet visuel #trave #aroundtheworld #wanderlust #nomad #smiles #happiness #expressions #LetsExplore

Not really inspirational, but it's how many of us '90's kids feel. I MISS MY BEANIE BABIES. >.

The Lovers of Valdaro. Believed to be no older than twenty years of age when death occurred. Over 5,000 years old. Locked in an eternal embrace. Tragically, their story is unknown. Ironically, they were found in the city of Mantua. In Italy. The city Shakespeare chose to set the story of Romeo & Juliet.

Photographer’s girlfriend leads him around the world. Such a sweet idea and perspective.

If I lived near the sea I would trudge through the snow right now and cast my message to you on the waters, believing that somehow it would make it to you and only you.

Have you ever kissed a stranger? More importantly, have you ever been photographed by a stranger while kissing a stranger? Alfred Eisenstaedt's -The Times Square Kiss.

Seren keeps jars in her hideaway and fills them with wild things: stars, storms, plants, and snippets of wishes and dreams in their purest forms