• Char227

    big brother looking out for little brother | Brother To Brother Quotes Quotes - little brother

  • Jamie

    So true, my little monster loves his big brother and my monkey boy loves his baby brother. :)

  • Alisha Lites

    "Little Brother" my boys live this

  • Anna McManus

    Im the little sister and this is so something my big brother would say!!! quick quotes vellum quotes little sister

  • Greenland

    True. When some 5th graders were bullying my little brother Anton last year, his 10th grade big sister Hannah (me) went up to the school and kicked some butt. I was ready to break some kids arm. They gave him wedgies and made him cry :,( I say in his room with him while he bawled over my shoulder. It was heart breaking. No big sister wants to see their baby brother being hurt by other people. Ever. No matter how annoying that they may be at points. We still love them : )

  • Melissa Goffinet

    oh my goodness... this just made me tear up... so true.....♥ the love of siblings is the nicest thing to observe.

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