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from From up North

30 of the best photographs from 2014

Mirror in hand creates an interesting image, this could be used!

This picture shows value. It has light and dark colors and shows highlights and shadows. You can see shadows from the poles on the dock. There are highlights on the water from where the sun is shining on it.

#despertar “...Algumas pessoas sofrem tanto que não conseguem receber o que elas precisam, até quando alguém o quer dar a elas.” ~ Keith Ablow, Negação

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60 Stunning Hard Shadow Photos – Half-Shadow, Half-Light, Half Girl

So get in touch with your other side and take some stunning hard shadow shots - photos. Shadow science for photographers

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13 Best Anti-Aging Skin Care Products

Essential Question: a way Alvarez portrays the struggle for identity in her writing is through Patria. This is because Patria's character was idealistic, with the desire to devote her life to the Lord. However, the author shows Patria's struggle for identity through her contradictions. For example, Patria was turned between being a nun and being with a man.