Unphotoshopped JLo.

Ralph Lauren perfection

Stunning Hollywood Blake Lively ... Stylish sex icon... Her full names are Blake Ellender Lively. She was born Blake Ellender Brown

Jennifer Lopez...

megan fox


Kim Kardashian

Plus Size. Curvy. Jennifer Mailtland.

perfectly curved and sexy body


Charlize Theron

Jennifer Lopez

Going sheer: Lopez showed off her amazing figure in the skin-tight leotard while seated on a stool

Curvy and beautiful , skinny alone does not magically make you healthy - healthy can look different for everyone


It makes me very sad, that this model is considered "plus size" by American standards. A size 9/10 is now "fat". When will it be ok to bring back our inner Marilyn Monroes, and rock the curves God blessed us with??!!

officially have a new found respect for JLo. Here she is, age 42, in a bikini, sans photoshop, letting her back "fat", stretch marks, and "wrinkles" be displayed to the world. Awesome.

Erika Elfwencrona – Plus Size Model. FIT is healthy!

And yes to healthy!