Unphotoshopped JLo.

Victoria's Secret model without photoshop. We all have "imperfections".

I am not my body parts. Being good or bad has nothing to do with my size. I will not hide them because of your prejudice beliefs.

Your body is fine. Fuck the "thinspiration" trend.

'I'm complicated': The star talked about her complexity in the Billboard interview...

Jlo in a bikini without photoshop! She still looks good, I mean she's in her 40's



Perfect body !!!

Jennifer Lopez - Love this, just at a longer length...color is awesome too

Perfect fit :S

In the old days women had perfect bodies

Shorts Story: Jennifer Lopez in Sachin + Babi printed shorts - Lavish // Urban Fashion, Beauty, Culture, Politics


Amber Rose has the perfect shape curvy but still toned..motivation #projectsummertime lets go

Jennifer Lopez in Roberto Cavalli leopard dress, we can say she's doing it again... her feline eyes! LOL

Wide Lace Headband

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