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Love the idea of quotes written on your belly & photographed xo

Your Heart Beats Because Of Our Love.Our Love Beats Stronger Because Of You. So In Love With This Quote! Would love to have a picture taking like this with this quote.

Awesome way to announce first born on Facebook!!!

Announcing the birth of your baby or announcing you are pregnant should be joyous and happy times, but why not make it a little bit funny too. Try topping this creative, funny baby announcement when it is time to let the world know about your baby.

Perfect testament to how protect my daddy is.... And my brother.... And my uncles.... And all the men in my family

Lock up your Sons My Daddy has guns - Applique Brown Shirt or Onesie and Hair Bow Set for Girls. My daughter's would say "my MOMMY has guns ;

I Heart Pears: 15 Awesome Gender Reveals

Great idea when Howze has another baby Gender Reveal Baby Shower Ideas. This is super cute. If my sister doesn't find out the sex of baby I think I might do something like this :D :D Hmmmm I already have some cute ideas for this baby shower!

Flip book when you're pregnant to show how much your belly grows.

Photo Flip Book - Watch your belly grow. Take the same picture every week, print & flip! I have never heard of this idea! So cute!

Ce blog présente une sélection de faire-parts de naissance originaux pour donner des idées, et avancer dans la recherche de son faire-part idéal.

Photo booth announcement or gender reveal party.have the doc poke a hole in the balloon that is not the color and later u and your hubby can record the reaction as you try the balloon you think it is!

Billy Madison

Gangsta Juice Box Kid One-Piece- I feel like this onesie really was made for my future child

Surprise! Tell your husband about your pregnancy while your camera is set on a self-timer sequence and send it as your birth announcement.

Cute baby announcement idea Adorable Best Christmas baby picture ever! One of the cutest baby pictures. EVER baby announcement