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Brain Builders

Did you know that 70% of brain development happens by the time a child is three?

Create the brightest locker on the block with this fun, back-to-school DIY. Wrap Ziploc® Extra Small Containers with washi tape, cover with stickers, or create your own stencil by painting over different shapes. Then, attach a strong magnet to the back of the container. Sticks perfectly to a locker door. Perfect for organizing school supplies, or hanging anywhere you need a little extra storage!

Puddle power! By pausing (just a bit) before going all in, your child is learning self-control.

Everyday learning moments are within every family's reach.They spark brain building moments and help your child reach his/her full potential!

Brain Builders

Life is sweet! Give your budding explorer a taste of the world.

Go ahead, play along with your brilliant little baby—that little spoon-hurdler is busy discovering cause and effect.