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    • Mary Montana

      The sadness I feel looking into cages is nothing compared to how it must feel looking out.. #animal rights

    • Pat- Rice

      How many of you think only of dogs and cats when you see this? There are animals who never see the light of day or feel the ground under their feet. All of that suffering, only to end up on a dinner plate.

    • Isabel Bianca

      Next time you are thinking of adding a pet to your family, please choose adoption. With over 4 million animals euthanized in our nations shelters each year [more than 500,000 animals are euthanized EVERY YEARin CA alone] there isn't ANY reason you should buy from a pet store or breeder. Do not pity a shelter dog or cat, adopt one. Whatever breed, demeanor, age, sex, color you are looking for, there is a dog or 3 that match that exact description at your local shelter. ♥

    • Nicole McCornack

      This rips my heart and and throws it off a cliff...please rescue and adopt...

    • Bailee Stanfield

      Breaks my heart...makes me think of children in orphanages

    • Jemesii

      this is why we now have a no caged pets rule

    • Clarissa Zeigler

      animals in shelters break my heart :(

    • Kim Johnson

      <\3. Breaks my heart!

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    Animals don't belong in cages.

    I dream of a world where no human hurts so badly that they feel justified in mistreating an animal.

    SO true! Beautiful picture!

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    So sad

    Yes they feel love and pain. Though they cant speak out loud our words, they need our help.

    Being sorry won't save lives. If you truly feel bad for shelter animals, DO SOMETHING to change their world! It starts with YOU!

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    so true

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    A person cannot help unless they care and cannot care until they understand. Animal welfare education matters.

    Look at this sad, helpless bear. Please help save the animals.