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"I'd like to dedicate this one to all those who call the Disney Princesses passive and submissive"

Entry #2 I've never won a contest before!!! Please help me win this once!!! Like this pic please I'm almost there!!!! Thank you!!! :) :) :) XD

Wishing Well, Magic Kindgdom // Saw a couple get engaged here! We were the only other two people over there with them and took a picture for them after she said yes!

Disney movies then and now Pamela Culligan Hichens Scott Rachael E E Vizzi so true.

Disney Steampunk Character Cutomization Images - The Beast

They say you can tell a lot by what disney movies someone watched as a child. I guess now I understand why Hercules has always been my favorite! : )

"Mickey and Minnie in London" by James Coleman | Disney Fine Art | Disney's Mickey and Minnie Mouse

If i could choose to be one disney princess for the day, without a doubt, id choose Ariel♥

Jessie- We Can Do It by *rain1940 Fan Art / Digital Art / Painting & Airbrushing / Movies & TV ©2011-2012 *rain1940 I always liked this poster, but that ladie's face didn't looked too kind, so I had to change it. Now it's much better I love Jessie but she's not much easier to draw then Buzz... Bloody hard! So it's time to practice... No refs used...pfffff. Jessie(c)Disney/PIXAR