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33 Really Funny Tumblr Posts That Are What You Need Right Now

this is so cute when you know what's happening, but as the second comment says, i did initially think someone was stealing a baby panda

This Reading Mamafrom This Reading Mama

FREE Sight Word Action Cards

FREE Sight Word Action Cards - a multi-sensory way to work on sight words and letter formation - This Reading Mama

Lazy is a very strong word and I'm not lazy. I just enjoy doing nothing sometimes, so it's more like selective participation

Education to the Corefrom Education to the Core

14 End of the Year Memes That Any Teacher Will Understand

So true...but wasn't that date a Wednesday?

Hamilton Text Posts. But who's he talking to? The answers are only one word ;) (Except for that one time with Burr where there were one word responses.)


Word Work Centers - GO!

Looking for word work ideas? The centers in this blog post are easy to set up and will work with ANY word list all year long!

Writing Revoltfrom Writing Revolt

How to Write a Guest Post Pitch & Get Accepted by Major Sites

This 2500-word guide will walk you through everything you need to know to write a guest post pitch that gets accepted! Perfect if you're a blogger or freelance writer looking for guest blogging tips! (how to write a pitch, make money writing online, freelance writing tips, blogger tips)

Velleity - 1. a mere wish, unaccompanied by an effort to obtain it. 2. Volition in its weakest form. Origin: Velleity came to English from the New Latin velleitās, which ultimately finds its roots in the Latin velle meaning "to wish." It entered English in the early 1600s.

Funny Pictures/Memes by flowers8989 on Polyvore featuring teenager posts, quotes, teenage posts, words, teen posts, text, saying, phrase, pictures and fillers

Even I'm good at math and I hate those words it's like, am I supposed to remove my brain from my head using mouse practice and hand it in with my work!?

Check out these practical tips for setting up your classroom and avoiding common rookie mistakes. I compiled a list of my best suggestions in this fun and useful blog post! Includes FREEBIE!

Writingeekeryfrom Writingeekery

Advanced Techniques (And Insights) for Jaw-Dropping Dialogue

You know the basics. Find out what makes dialogue truly GREAT and how to do it in your own writing.

ichor (noun): The fluid which flows like blood in the veins of the gods. Word of the Day for 5 July 2016.

I feel like 2016 is like the small clip of news footage you see in the beginning of a post apocalyptic movie explaining how the world was ruined...

I read this and I was like, "Wow, I do this so often. And I thought I wanted to be an English teacher."