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Sphere Otterness

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Sad Sphere

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Sad Sphere - 2007, Bronze, Tom Otterness.

Art Sculpture


Tom Otterness Sculptures

Art Sculptures

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Arte Se

Contemporary Sculpture

Art Photos

Tom Otterness, Large Sad Sphere Courtesy of the artist

Immigrant Family

Otterness Immigrant

Tom Otterness | "Immigrant Family", 2007

Wacky Weird

Curious Figures

Weird Whimsical

Otterness Cone

Sculpture Figuren

Measuring Sphere

Tom Otterness | "Cone Measuring Sphere", 2013

Otterness Woman

Otterness Bing

Otterness Sculptures

Barrel 2007


Art Sculptures

Sculpture Figuren

TOM OTTERNESS, Woman with Oil Barrel, 2007 Bronze, 13 x 6 x 9 inches

Sαƙε Sculptures

Deco Allerlei

Allerlei Materialen

Tom Otterness Sculptures

Sculpture Figuren

Arte Deco

Art Deco

Roy Lichtenstein

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Tom Otterness,

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Tom Otterness Sculptures

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Playground Tom

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Slide, Tom Otterness, 2007 - Playscapes

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Large Link

Outdoor Sculpture

Otterness Mouse

Metal Werks

Art Otterness

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Tom otterness- Mouse

Otterness Sculptures

Horse And Rider

Art Sculpture

Otterness Horse

Beelden Sculptures

Sculpture Figuren

Contemporary Sculpture


Tom Otterness ~ Horse and Rider, 2004 (bronze)

Statues Occupy

Bronze Statues

Nyc Subway

Subway Art

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100 Unique

Tom Otterness

Satin Ribbons

Degas Ballerina

Edgar Degas

Degas' The Little 14-Year Old Dancer bronze statue at the Met.

Policewoman Statue


Otterness Sculptures

Art Sculpture

Statues 조형물

Sculpture Figuren

Art Deco

Policewoman Statue by Tom Otterness

Stratton Student

Grassy Area

Jaume Plensa

Catalan Artist

Center Discovermit

Alchemist Detail

Bride Groom

Detail of “Alchemist” by Spanish artist Jaume Plensa. Located at MIT in the grassy area between Mass. Ave. and the Stratton Student Center.

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Artist Fukt


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Sydney-Australia! Artist Unknown!

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Tom Otterness. Crying Giant, 2002. Bronze. NYC

Magritte Bronze

Magritte Sculpture

Rene Magritte

Birdcage Sculpture

Bronze Sculpture

Magritte sculpture


How to recognize the artists of paintings…

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Famous Artists Paintings

Famous Art Painting

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Art History Paintings

How to recognize artists' works! (You have to click thru to see the entire list - totally worth it for the last one alone!!!)

Tom Otterness Sculptures

Art Sculpture

Sculpture Figuren

Public Sculpture

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Tom Otterness. The New World, 1991. Los Angeles

Statues Sculptures

Mcp Arts

Otterness Sculptures

Art Streetart

Art Sculptures

Mouse by Tom Otterness by Times Square Public Art, via Flickr

Blushing Profiles

Profiles Artist

Profiles Sculpture

Tony Cragg Sculpture

Cragg Blushing

Profiles Tony

'Blushing profiles' Sculpture by Tony Cragg.

East London

Canary Wharf

Street Art

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Traffic Light

Traffic Light Tree; roundabout near the Canary Wharf, London; 26 feet tall; created by French artist Pierre Vivant; installed in 1998, its 75 lights have an ever changing pattern, which is computer controlled; photo by cyoung, via Flickr - info from roamingthegooglestreets