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this bird peeking out of its home is so sweet!


Dinner time - by All Creatures Gift Shop.

Reddish Egret is a small heron ~ Wild for Wildlife and Nature

Love this guy but don't know the name. Anyone? Makes me think of monday. Or mornings. Or bad hair days.


[snuggle birds] Splendid fairy wrens - Photo by Hideaway Denmark

Boss ( my grandmother) loved "red birds" cardinals especially in December she was a Christmas baby!

♂Animals & Wildlife photography Red bird in snow "Little fellow in the red suit on Christmas Day!" by Steve Heath

Somos muy monas, pero estamos enfurruñadas. Malurus cyaneus

Birds always remind me of my grandpa in Michigan, who died quite a few years ago. He loved birds, bird houses, everything having to do with them.

together forever

"Cardinals We have had a cardinal couple living in our trees for a few years now. I love watching them each year raising new young." they also have a wonderful song too. Sweet little birds

que lindo

Long-tailed tit - so cute. The Long-tailed Tit or Long-tailed Bushtit (Aegithalos caudatus) is a common bird found throughout Europe and Asia.

Fence acrobatics

On the Fence and still undecided. Bird 4 by max mcdonald

- Cris Figueired♥

tipounamu / Rifleman (Acanthisitta chloris) - photo by by VoyageVisuelle