Elmer's Glue Tie Dye. Can't wait to try this!!!

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Elmers glue and tie dye. It Works!!! I made cute tees for the Girl Scouts Rock the Mall doing this.

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Laundry Tip: How to safely make your own bleach gel at Me and My DIY

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Use Elmers glue to create a design on a white tshirt, then dye it. The glue washes out and leaves your design!

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i want to try this! its adorable <3

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Materials needed: Paint or dye (eg. food-coloring, pen ink), (fluffy) cotton balls, glitter, a glass jar or bottle. How-to: 1. fill the jar/bottle with water 2. Put the ink or dye into the jar/bottle until you get the color that you want. 3. make layers of cotton balls and glítter. Like this: cotton, glitter, cotton, glitter. 4. shake. @MacKenzie Boyles

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How to: Ombre bleach/dip dye shirt and jeans! (for a t-shirt & maybe not leave in bleach as long?)

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A good tutorial for making your own wood signs. Easiest version I've ever seen.

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Sharpie Tie Dye Designs on Fabric

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theartgirljackie-tutorials: Tie Dye T-Shirts with Sharpie Markers!

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Love baseball!

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Tute for fabric manipulation: Make your own fabric prints using the sun

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Adventures of a Middle Sister: DIY Tie-Dye Swimsuit Cover-up

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The coolest DIY Craft website. So addicting. I really just went there and almost never came out! Use with caution!

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T-shirt dress... I'll be glad I pinned this when I wanna make a game day dress - Click image to find more DIY & Crafts Pinterest pins

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