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    Plantar Fasciitis Treatment and Causes: 6 Things Every Fit Girl Must Know If you've ever experienced the heel hell that is plantar fasciitis, you know that piercing pain in the bottom of your foot can seriously cramp an active girl's style. But what is plantar fasciitis? And what are some plantar fasciitis treatments? We turned to Dr. Marlene Reid, a spokesperson for the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA), for the foot pain facts. -


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    The 15 Best Sources of Guided Meditation Not everyone can get away for their own Eat, Pray, Love-esque trip whenever they start to feel their nerves begin to fray. And while a white sandy beach, yoga retreat, or Tuscan vineyard is a surefire way to reset and center yourself, when it comes to how to meditate, we've got the next best thing (for a lot cheaper). Try one of these apps and resources for a fast, guided meditation session when you need it most—or work it into your -

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    Psychopath Vs. Sociopath visual representation and statistics For the record sherlock is NOT a sociopath or a psychopath.

    When to Use Ice, When to Use Heat Ice works for injuries because it narrows your blood vessels, while heat helps to soothe ongoing muscle aches and pains. fitness.mercola.c...

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    Losing Weight: 10 Things to Do Right Now to Balance Your Hormones

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    Eat Right for Your Body Type The best way to get the body you want? Embrace the one you have. Knowing your body type is key to finding the best diet and exercise plan for you. Here, we show you which diet can help you make the most of your shape.

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