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Side garden with tropicals looks good no matter how hot it gets.

Bromeliads and Plumeria Garden, Florida. Bromeliads do not need to be fertilised. Water when the weather is hot. Likes shade but tolerates sun.

from WanderWisdom

Thirty One of the World's Most Amazing Roads

Roller Coaster Highway, Tulsa, Oklahoma. (The technical name of this road is “County Road NS 366.” It’s one mile west of “Old Highway 56, and about 1.5 miles west of State Highway 56, just north of Wewoka, Oklahoma.)

from Everyday Gardeners

Everyone Should Plant Angelonia

As a horticulturist, I often find myself recommending plants to people. I feel bad when I get asked for the impossible plants; something like an evergreen that flowers all year long, is hardy in Zone 3, loves deep shade, and deer won’t eat it. There is one incredible flower that I frequently recommend, though, because [...]