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1950年代の日本がわかる貴重な写真 > 1950年4月26日、戦争捕虜になっていた帰還兵たちを出迎える女性たち。元兵士たちは、抑留中に亡くなった戦友の遺灰を胸に抱えている。

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20 Powerful Black-And-White Photographs Of Regular Americans From History

This Japanese-American grandmother waiting to be moved to an internment camp during World War II.

Vietnam War: A South Vietnamese villager attempts to flee her burning village with her children as a South Vietnamese soldier approaches from behind holding a bayonet.

Modeled on Nuremberg, an International military tribunal in Tokyo tried 25 Japanese leaders for war crimes. It sentenced 7 to death, including General Hideki Tojo, 61, who as prime minister had authorized the attack on Pearl Harbor. Some 900 of the countrymen were also executed by the Allies for mistreating prisoners and for other atrocities.