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Wine Glass by Gumdesign via design-milk

Calici Caratteriali

“Calici Caratteriali” is a series of experimental wine glasses that Italian design studio Gumdesign created for the Abitami show during the Macef home show in Milan

Coca-Cola Can Glass

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Fujiyama Beer Glass

Fujiyama Glass

FUJIYAMA BEER GLASS: Inspired by Japan's tallest mountain Mt. Fuji, this unique beer glass is designed by Keita Suzuki of Sugahara Glassworks.

Fabulous Peacock feather glasses....ohhh prettttyyy pleeeaasseerr

Manga-inspired engagement party: Come for the incredible DIY decor and rainbow cake, stay for the tutorials!

Fabulous Peacock feather wine glasses by Mary Elizabeth Arts earmarksocial


Photo Pillows & Quote Pillows that Capture the Beach Experience

Let’s wine a little on the beach! With these handy outdoor wine glass holders you will surely not spill a drop, nor get any sand in your drink. These stakes . Read moreOutdoor Wine Glass Holders for the Beach

Wine glass.... I think these glasses would take a lot to get used to, I think I'd be paranoid.

Calici Caratteriali

Udderly irresistible and delightful gift, both on the giving and receiving ends. Clever double walled glass design pours milk, non-dairy creamer and more as if it came straight from the cow— only, literally, much cooler.

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Are you a wine enthusiast? Might as well get paid for it! #TravelingVineyard

I'm a wine enthusiast. The more wine I drink, the more enthusiastic I become.

Problem Solved Stemless Wine Glass fathers day gifts, birthday gifts, wine lover gifts, bad day gifts

Problem Solved Stemless Wine Glass Mothers day gifts, birthday gifts, wine lover gifts, bad day gifts WANT!

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Turn any dinner party into a top notch black tie event with this fun idea. Dress for Dinner Napkins by Hector Serrano

wine. Slightly different from http://www.pinterest.com/pin/59250551321566201/ #wine #infographic

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Red Wine Lollipops Recipe for my winettes, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE

Red Wine Lollipops

1 cups sweet red wine -wine should be no more than alcohol by volume 3 tablespoons corn syrup cup sugar tsp. kosher salt 12 Lollipop sticks valentines day gifts for my lady loves!