• Donna Macrae

    The pre-columbian Quimbaya culture were believed to have lived in South America from 300 to 1550 CE and are best known for their precise gold and metalwork. The majority of gold pieces discovered are made with a tumbaga alloy with 30% copper, very similar to those accounts mentioned by Plato in his dialogues about the lost city of Atlantis. Among the intricate gold works are several types of insects and two devices that stand out to be aerodynamic in nature and of no other insect known to exist.The pieces look very much like the designs of modern airplanes and incorporate a number of features essentially proving the Quimbaya knew and understood the principals of flight. Scale replicas of the golden flyer were built 5 times larger and tested precisely. Results from the tests showed proved t....

  • Olga Granados

    "avion" Quimbaya; precolombino; orfebreria, Colombia

  • Phil Block

    Quimbaya Gold Artifacts. Appears to be an airplane crafted a few centuries before the Wright brothers were born.

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