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Value of Antique Skeleton Keys

by Claire Blackwood
Collecting skeleton keys is becoming more popular, which is having a twofold affect: more people are aware of this antique collecting niche, and prices are going up as interests in these vintage keys also increases. As with anything antique, the value of a skeleton key is determined by collector int...

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The bottom of the key bears a slight resemblance to our microfluidic chip. This key is obviously far too old and ornate to really celebrate the tech like it should be but I just thought I'd point it out anyway.

I'm giving back the key to Bluebeard's study... AKA my favorite fairy tale (yes, they are ALL that corrupt)

Red glass key... what sort of lock, I wonder, would be opened by a red glass key...?

Enter into the fairytale world.... ( hang old keys from twine in trees , put on tables-wedding ) brandi

The Key To Peace Is With Mother Nature !...The Secret Is Knowing Just How To Listen !...Only Her Can Really Decide Our Future !...Soon We'll Be One With Earth's Consciousness Wisdom !...© Do You Like My Poetryscapes ?... Samissomar

love this!!! Unlock your true potential. The solutions are inside. You have the key, what are you waiting for?

I'm taken with the idea of fitting together like a lock and key as a theme...

keys---there were a few keys lying around our farm. Nothing and I mean nothing was ever locked or had to be locked. Oh those were the days. The neighbors would borrow something and you can rest assured that you would have it back in the next day or so. A hand shake was as good as a written contract---if truth is to be known--it was probably better than most contracts today.