CD case to store pre cut lettering - for bulletin boards and projects!

Border storage: Binder Clips + Command(TM) hooks in a long closet - Keeps them nice, straight, and organized!

Good idea

storing printables

Bulletin board MANY! Print on whatever colour paper you like - make your own design!

Cheap and easy bulletin boards!

Bulletin Boards

take home folder...amazing

Tip: Create cardboard awnings over your bulletin boards to create a 3D effect!

Calendar Bulletin Boards, Preschool Calendar, Classroom Calendar Ideas, Calendar Making, Calendar Math

Frosting containers as storage for borders. Just like the CD case for die-cuts this is just another great idea for keeping the teacher organized. If the teacher is unorganized that can really affect some students.

Storing copies in the classroom.

Beyond the grades: Teacher Binder

Cute idea for beginning of year. Have kids cut out and decorate their first initial - perhaps after reading an ABC book!

Classroom Organization and Supplies - Easy Way to Interchange Artwork or Anchor Charts on a Bulletin Board

Getting ready for the first weeks of school Lots of good idea, letters and welcome pack...and a few freebies.

Back To School Craft and Bulletin Board Idea

[Bucket Filling]Classroom - Lessons, Ideas, and Printables

Have students bring in any food box or item to hang up on the board, then have them figure out in coins how much each costs. This is very helpful for young students who are just learning about the value of money.

Bulletin Board... love the burlap!!!!