Hahaha, I couldn't agree more. And I love Simon's face



These two. They win.

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Andrew McDonald - the genius behind this series of photos - is an author from Melbourne and this is his "Pictorial Guide to Avoiding Camera Loss" this made me giggle so much---omg so funny

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I died.....

LOL too funny..but so..so true!

I think this might have been me...

I'm so sorry for this guy.

I laugh because it's true. WTF?


hahaha omg this is hilarious

this scene :'D

we just know how to spell.

.Michael Justifying why people should still want to ride in his car with him even though he hit Meredith with his car that morning... 'Everyone inside the car was fine Stanley!'

the last picture kills me!!!

my favorite commercial! haha i crack up every time i see it