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    We think this is a clever way to address a bad critique online! Café advertises "worst meatball sandwich that one guy on Yelp ever had in his life."

    If I had a pond, I would probably put this sign up, just for the hell of it...


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    Why am i laughing so hard?

    Cyanide and Happiness: The Life Stages of Roberts

    I'm not sure yet.

    his milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

    This Guy Is Known For Taking Crazy Drawing Requests. He Delivers In The Most Amazing Ways Possible (that walrus, tho)

    I'd watch it.

    How life used to be once upon a time. Good times


    This is a Velociraptor-free workplace. It has proudly been 12 days since the last Velociraptor incident.

    Awesome Mitch Hedberg Quotes

    I've probably pinned this before, but it always makes me laugh.

    Im so going to do this! lol

    well played calculator...well played...