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  • Gigi Hart

    This hangs on the classroom door. It has every place we could possibly go on the frog pages.(bathroom, library, lunch etc.) The caboose flips this as we leave the classroom to let others know where we are at all times. Cute idea!

  • Jen Crawford

    classroom organization

  • Shivani Senthirajah

    Good idea! Hang on the door to classroom. Every place we could go is on a frog (bathroom, library, lunch etc.) Have caboose flip to correct frog as we leave.

  • Rachael Spriggs

    The Lesson Plan Diva: The frog hangs on the door, the caboose flips it to tell others where the class is!

  • Sandra Pizzo

    Classroom DIY: Jenaya from Lesson Plan Diva

  • Karen Jenkins

    From: The Lesson Plan Diva - She hangs this on her classroom door so others know where the class is when they leave.

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