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1.4 by Mike Lancaster
Human.4 by Mike A. Lancaster - good for fans of the episode The Bells of St. John; mystery; supernatural happenings; good for middle school and up
(Grades 9 and up) While exploring a crime-ridden neighborhood on the outskirts of Cleveland, Lo steals an angel statue on impulse and hears a gunshot as she runs away. The next morning she hears that a young woman was murdered right where she'd been the day before. Lo, who suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder becomes obsessed with finding out the truth of the murder. Fascinating, scary, unique mystery.
When a vaccine to save endangered bees causes their sting to turn children into ferocious killer beasts, the uninfected build a wall to keep the beasts out, but Fiona wakes up on the wrong side of the wall.
Very quick moving sci-fi - this one doesn't have much character development, nor do the authors spend much time with backstory or setting develpment, but that is the appeal here. It reminds me very much of James Patterson's Max Ride or Witch and Wizard books: all smart, snappy dialogue and action.
Mitty Blake loves New York City. He's a carefree guy, which is why he's late getting started on his advanced bio report. He'd much rather watch the game or hang out than do research on infectious diseases just to get a good grade. So he considers it good luck when he finds some old medical books in his family's weekend house that focus on something he could write about. But when he discovers an envelope containing two scabs in one of the books, the report is no longer about the grade.
Author Julia Mary Gibson wrote a hand-written letter with cool illustrations for the Rumpus Letters For Kids program!! Subscribe at www.therumpus.net/letters_for_kids.
If you liked: Divergent LINKcat Catalog › Details for: Matched / All her life, Cassia has never had a choice. The Society dictates everything: when and how to play, where to work, where to live, what to eat and wear, when to die, and most importantly to Cassia as she turns 17, whom to marry. When she is Matched with her best friend Xander, things couldn't be more perfect. But why did her neighbor Ky's face show up on her match disk as well?
The Pulitzer Prize-winning tragedy of a salesman s deferred American dream Since it was first performed in 1949, Arthur Miller's Pulitzer Prize-winning drama about the tragic shortcomings of an American dreamer has been recognized as a milestone of the theater. Willy Loman, the protagonist of "Death of a Salesman," has spent his life following the American way, living out his belief in salesmanship as a way to reinvent himself.