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  • Dawn K

    8 track tape plays music in the 70s in someones car.

  • Christi Hendrix

    I remember mom and Dad's car having an 8Track player. I also remmber listening to the 8Track tape that my church chior made. I thought it was so cool to know the people singing!

  • Cara Lake

    8 Track Tapes | childhood memories of driving in a car and that was what we listened to...

  • Crystal Ranck

    8 Track tape player. My first car had an 8 track player. I remember going around to yard sales and buying up all the old tapes!

  • Connie Robite

    Remember when! 8-tracks tapes. Blast from the past.

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I had this. It might be a Panasonic just like the one I had YEARS before Boom Boxes.

One of the three 8 track tapes that lived in mom's car

Eight-track tapes. My father had an 8-track player in his Blazer in the 1970s. The carrying cases for the tapes were like luggage.

Leslie Lease, originally from Kenosha, Wisconsin, filling up a 1920s-era car from a gravity-feed pump at a station in North Carolina,” notes Bob Durling of Highland, Indiana. “The license plate reveals the year to be 1942. Check out the gas price of under 25 cents, including tax. ON back of the photo is written ‘Leslie’s first and only customer…Toxaway Lodge, taking Mr. Reid’s place.”

8 Track Tapes- and of course I recognize all the artist

I remember playing with one of these when I was a kid. I'm not sure what they're really for.

Remember this???? The BEST place to sit. Too far back for your parents to reach around and smack you for misbehaving

Vent windows on cars...i remember these! Wow, if this doesn't bring back memories!

8-tracks..were more of my parents' generation but I do remember listening to them in my parents' I sat in the backseat on top of the suitecase-like case that you kept them in...with no seat belt, I might add! My, how times change!

AWESOME!! I even have a few 8-tracks I've picked up at antique shops...but no player. haha Radio 8 track tape player by kitschnswell on Etsy, $48.00

A bit before my time, but I remember we had an 8-track in the family car when I was really small.