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Before they start their engines and before you take your seat, be prepared to stay comfortable!

Hot Weather Tips For Your Pet - An Infographic from Chicago Veterinary Hospital & Emergency Vet - Metropolitan Veterinary Center

Taurus are some of the most humble people. Looking out for the safety and comfort of loved ones is second nature to them

Safety can be chic! The girls in the fox den have personally tried the Samshield line of helmets on our noggins, and they are super comfortable. Why wouldn't you want to look this good AND stay smart?

yup, i don't like people coming into my bubble, and i hate people messing with my comfort zone, i'm a true virgo!!

Ship is Safe in Harbor - Fine Art 8x10" Photography Print, Monterey Bay Boats, Quote Print, Harbor Quote

Shop Safety: Make Your Own Push Sticks & Hold Downs

Making your own push sticks and hold downs is a fantastic way to stay safe and comfortable in the shop. Learn to craft your own customized safety tools with this tutorial.

How To Survive In A Car When It’s Freezing Cold — Most of us love to stay inside our warm and cozy homes when it’s freezing cold outside. But some of us need to leave the comfort of our homes. In cold weather, things can go south in seconds, if you are traveling and are not careful.

IKEA's Better Shelter gives refugee camps a much-needed redesign

The "Better Shelter" is a weatherproof and sustainable refugee home developed in partnership between the IKEA Foundation and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).