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One of the coolest things I've seen done with a picture in a frame.  Evoke F.L. Wright by stacking one on the other in a dark corner. Bright nature photos, to make a 'view'.

Take a look at these Creative Photo Frame Display Ideas which help you organize and show your family photos in clever ways. These photo frames bring up memories and make your room more eye-catching so don’t hesitate to try that out.

How to Use a Reflector to Get Gorgeous Skin Tones. Our natural light teaching series for photographers continues with a tutorial on how to use…

How to Use a Reflector to Get Gorgeous Skin Tones

"Your name, merely your name, floods my brain to a point of sweet disgust." -Alfred De Musset, Complete Writing

"The Light Behind Your Eyelids" In your darkest moments, there are bright hands reaching for you and a voice whispering, "Please just open your eyes and see me.

The treasures hidden in the heavens are so rich that the human mind shall never be lacking in fresh nourishment. ~ Johannes Kepler, (photo: Moonshine by Andy Astbury)

Ensoñaciones – LA LUNA FRÍA ~ Víctor M. Alonso

Imagine if this was an aquarium and instead of fish or aquatic animals, it was filled with people

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End Credits - Erlend Mørk - Dark Symbolist Photography "Do you ever see the faces of the people you've killed?

♂ Masculine design Dark Soul by *wyldraven on deviantART

"I searched for the raven to guide me in the dark forest." The picture in a small series. ~ Stock used: forest: *anaRasha-stock ravens: *unholy-stock texture frame: ~pareeerica lantern: =Pieceo.