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There is only one truth.  There is no talking to someone who is committed to finding the holy grail that doesn't exist.  Eat as clean and as real as possible.  If you keep trying to get around that, you don't want it bad enough. There is no magic answer; no magic food, pill or exercise.  Food got you here, it's the only thing that will get you out.  Commit to the effort and soon there will be no effort.  It's so worth it.. and so are you.

Truth hurts sometimes but it is worth it! You are worth it!

Stay fit

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The Basics of Basic (training with the Canadian Armed forces, from the point of view of a spouse)

I am not Telling You It Is Going to be easy, I’m telling You It’s Going to be worth it - Advice Quote

Once I saw that I could run a 6:50 mile, and a 25:42 5K in the middle of basketball season, running has become a very fun obsession/ hobby of mine.

I know many of you out there have New Years Resolutions to lose weight. It isn't about losing weight, it is about being healthy. Exercise and become healthy. The rest takes care of itself."Once you see results, it becomes an addiction." So true!

Obsessed is the word the lazy use to describe the dedicated. -So true, even in not running related ways.


Keep going. till your Legs give you even though your head wants to keep going. Keep going.

Success vs. Failure

have faith. when you look in the mirror and see no change, and still keep faith, knowing that in time you will get there if you stay focused and on track, that's the difference between those who succeed and whose who fail.

Fitness is about so much more than exercise. It's a catalyst for positive changes, and it affects every aspect of your life. #truth

Fitness is a catalyst for positive changes. It's what's been called a "keystone habit" - a habit that leads to other healthy habits, like a domino effect.

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Running Tips for Absolute Beginners