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If I would have ever done a a bridal boudoir session myself, this is what it would look like...feminine...beautiful

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Jessica Stam

Model Jessica



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by Gabor Jurina

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boudoir makeup & hair

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I want to do a sexy photo shoot for bf birthday/valentines/naughty xmas gift some time in the future.


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Boudoir photography, tasteful, sexy photography, anniversary ideas, wedding gift idea, pin-up photography, sophisticated maxim style photography



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Sexy photo shoot... Just for the groom album...

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boudoir photoshoot idea

Photographer Cafefrom Photographer Cafe

Meet Sue Bryce


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a sexy picture for the groom, before getting married! ;)

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Love that the Wedding Band is The Key Focus for this Bridal Boudoir Photo Shoot.

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wedding boudoir, would love to do this for my future husband to give him the night before our wedding

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Love the idea of wedding boudoir photography :) My guy would love this in his wallet or on his side of the bed ; )

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soft and romantic

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sexy boudoir pic - LOVE! I wish I was brave enough and good looking enough for a pic like this

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wedding boudoir.

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bridal boudoir photography focusing on the ring.

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